“Family Tree”

“Shadow Caster”


“Toomer’s Corner Celebration”

“Auburn Toomer’s Corner”

“Weathering The Storm”

“Toomer’s Corner Eagle”

“Toomer’s Corner in Color”


“Lavender Shadow”

“I Will Rise”


“From The Ashes”

“Alabama Cherry Blossom”

“Black Gold”


“Black Ice”

“Bonsai On Burl”

“Never-ending Journey”

“Will Not Broken”

“Simply Serenity”

“Pike Road Oak”

“Morning Shadow”

“Through The Pane 1”

“Through The Pane 2”

“Endless Winter”

“Forever Oak”

“Roots Go Deep”


“Autumn Swing”

“Apple Of My Eye”

“Bonsai Shadow”

“Wind Blown Willow”

“Eye Of The Tiger”

“Small But Mighty”

“Tickled Pink”

“Living On The Edge”

“Never Let Go”

“Willing Willow”


“Blue Still”

“Created With Love”

“Bent But Not Broken”

“Where There’s A Will”

“Framed 2”