Though born and raised in Enterprise, Alabama, my journey in life has taken me to Louisiana, New York City, Tennessee and South Carolina. Despite the various ventures, it was at my parents jewelry store in my hometown that my love for design flourished and my creativity was sparked. While my mediums were precious metals and natural stones, it was the love of taking an idea and seeing it fulfilled into a finished product that fueled my passion and creativity.

It was during the countless summers that I spent as a child at my aunt’s cottage in Parry Sound, Toronto  Canada that an excitement and love of a different kind gave way. It was here, surrounded by vast lakes, trees of varied sorts and rock-laden shorelines, that my infatuation with nature, in its purest form, sprang forth.

Today, these two loves collide. Combing my desire for both creativity and nature, I begin a new venture…designing  wire tree sculptures.